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Welcome to my world

I am a multi-disciplined body therapist specializing in Craniosacral Therapy and Traditional Thai Medicine including herbal medicine, body alignment, manual therapies, preconception and post-natal care as well as a classically trained professional fine art photographer. Drawing upon my own healing journey from chronic pain, emotional trauma and digestive dysfunction, my healing arts practice is focused on caring for the mind, body, and spirit holistically with an emphasis on a daily routine of physical and mental self-care in order to establish a strong and healthy foundation. Applying knowledge from eastern and western traditions provides a foundation for intuition to meet scientifically proven techniques to relieve pain, encourage recovery and increase vitality in the body and mind. My photographic work the last 9 years of capturing the essence of raw humans has taught me a remarkable amount about helping people feel safe and comfortable to let their true light shine through. The crossover of these platforms has catapulted my work in the self-love and self-empowerment movement because I am dedicated to helping other humans realize how innately wonderful and capable they are.

The power is within you to heal anything; 
I’m here to help you access that power.

After owning and operating a commercial photography business in southern California for four years after college, I felt uninspired, overworked and tired of doing something that I used to love. At this point in my life I was experiencing chronic back pain, extreme food allergies and and overall lack of vitality. I didn’t realize then that I had undiagnosed autoimmune conditions so I found myself enrolling in massage school and changing my life with the tools I had at the time. 

After establishing my career as a trauma-informed body therapist in New York City, I’ve come to realize creativity is a necessary tool for the healing integration process. As a neurologically diverse mental health warrior and a highly sensitive empath healing chronic inflammation, I am deep in a healing journey of my own and learning to listen to the wisdom of my mind, body and feminine power. I share this process with my clients and community across social media, 1:1 work and group gatherings because of its impact as we are being called to step into our divinity and power during this divine feminine|masculine revolution.

With a lifetime of art instruction, fine art foundation from Pratt Institute, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and 9 years of active business ownership as a healer and a creative, I have amassed a library of knowledge and resources to help others seeking to learn more about themselves. The process of learning to be gentle with yourself, reparent and be kind to the mind and body you inhabit is a tough undertaking.

Holding space and helping others see themselves through eyes of love to reset the harmful ways we treat ourselves has been my personal and professional work for almost a decade. I speak and teach from my own experience, which has been a beautiful journey of creativity, discovery and making my dreams reality despite loss, feeling unsafe and chronic setbacks with my health and pain. The wide array of tools I have gathered from esteemed teachers across the globe is my offering to the community. It is my pleasure to hold space for you as you explore yourself through my lens, on my table or in a circle in the woods around a fire.

katie yuen nyc photographer california healer
I am called to share my story, channel love and hold space for healing for other womxn and femmes ready to embrace their darkness, let their light shine and embody the divine feminine.

Fine art portrait photographer. holistic healing Artist. Space holder.

est. 1991

Brooklyn // Philadelphia
San Diego, CA