What you need to know if you want me to come to YOU for healing sessions!

In Home Visits

Do you do them? What do I need to know?

Since I began doing this work, I have dreamed of and finally achieved creating a beautiful space in my own home that is nurturing, relaxing and just a perfect place to do healing work. I also enjoy working out of an office to have safe boundaries for meeting new clients and to meet other practitioners. My current office is downstairs at the Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar which is an amazing space and resource where I've met awesome healers!

A small portion of my practice is dedicated to in-home sessions for those who need a different option. These sessions are a significantly larger investment to recreate the space I have cultivated over years of being a massage therapist and healing arts practitioner in your home instead of mine. These in-home sessions are reserved for post-partum clients, those who have mobility difficulties, and clients who simply cannot continue coming to my office. I am unable to do in-home visits for new clients unless they've been seen in the office regularly for a period of time. 


Alright, this is something I NEED! What's next?

What I need from you:

  • A space or room that's around 6' x' 9'-- large enough to fit a 5' x 7' mat and room to walk around all sides
  • Access to your wifi + speakers or sound system if you have them
  • Queen or Full sized sheets
  • 3-5 Pillows
  • A blanket
  • A Thai Mat, futon mattress, or something similar
  • Access to a power outlet

I love using my PolyFoam Thai Massage Mat from Sun + Moon Originals. It folds up to about 2' x 4' x 1' so it's not the smallest thing to store but when you lay on it, it feels like you're on a cloud. You can't feel the floor despite it only being 2" thick! It is also amazing for a guest bed, camping, and playing on the floor with little ones. 

As long as you fit on it, and it's comfortable, anything will work as a Thai Mat. Amazon has a great selection, and I've made "mats" out of many piled blankets and comforters. Yoga mats are not thick enough unfortunately-- you will be laying down on the mat and having pressure put on you for 90 minutes so you want to be comfortable!

If you have a massage table in your home, we can definitely work with that too! Many Thai techniques are transferrable to the table and its also perfect for Craniosacral Therapy + Emotional Release! 

In-Home sessions are a minimum of 2 hours to account for 15 minutes of set up (herbal steamers, pillows, adjusting the space + sounds), and 15 minutes of breakdown in addition to the work. One home visit usually ends up taking me 4 hours with travel by the time I get there, set up, do the work with you, break down and get home. Because of this large expenditure and time and energy, sessions are $200 + travel (train ticket, uber/lyft, or gas/tolls pending location.), averaging to about $250-285. Clients who commit to a Transformation Series and their own mat can save significantly on these costs.

I uphold these boundaries and guidelines for my in-home sessions to protect myself, and to provide you with the closest experience possible to the space and feeling I have created in my work spaces. 


That's great! So I just had a baby and need you to come to me...

Congratulations! I LOVE coming into new mommies' homes to work with them so they don't have the pressures of going out into the world to get post-natal realignment and readjustments. In Thailand, new moms don't leave their house for 6 whole months while they heal from the intense and potentially traumatic process of birth. I will bring my office to you and have special mommy+baby safe herbs, and help you get back into YOUR body after your transition of becoming a mother (or bringing another new life into the world!) If you need post-natal work at a different price-point, let's talk about your options!