Complimentary Self-Care Plan

One of my biggest struggles when I began to pay attention to my body, my diet, my habits and really becoming more self-aware was knowing where to begin. in 2014, going to my physician for excruciating stomach pain every time I ate ended with a recommendation for a pharmaceutical and "maybe you can try changing your diet. might help." My chronic back pain that began in 2008 was still flaring. I had little energy and severe depression. All of that is SO MUCH that it was hard to determine the first step to taking care of myself. My method of healing did not align with the traditional medical system in this country because I had lost my faith in it. Sometimes the most profound healing happens outside of doctors offices, sometimes it happens in them. It's all about where you place your belief and trusting your intuition on how to best take care of yourself and heal.

I've created a Self-Care Treatment Plan questionnaire and consultation process to really dig into what is going on with your mind, body and spirit and develop a plan for your self-care practice. Most physical and emotional health concerns can be prevented if we build positive habits and practices and strength in our immune systems and mental health. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Daily practices, to-do lists of all the things that make you feel AWESOME, discovering your favorite foods and why they're good for you, establishing a routine that says "my body is important to me." Because when we do all of that... when we do the work... that's when we are able to love and serve others unconditionally with more energy, compassion and fire for life!

This COMPLIMENTARY questionnaire, phone call/facetime and report are designed so help you see the possibilities of healing options including my services as well as other practitioners in New York City that do things that I can't (yet)-- like acupuncture, restorative yoga and herbal tinctures. There is NO obligation to invest in bodywork after doing this BUT if you decide you want to, you will receive $30 off your first healing session! 

Ready to check it out?