Tips on leaving a good review

Bodywork is an intimate experience and it is very hard to put the experience into words that don't make you sound like you're talking about an intergalactic space adventure sometimes. When my dear clients take the time to translate their experience into words, it helps potential clients and people everywhere understand the value of investing in bodywork as health care and regular self-care! My business has truly grown the old fashioned way of word of mouth and honest reviews, so your words are incredibly valuable to me.

The magical feeling of a session does dissipate so I encourage you to reflect on your sessions shortly after you experience them. Writing down your observations can be extremely helpful as you grow and change on your own-- if you choose to share those observations in the form of a review your honesty and experience in turn support my practice growing and reaching more bodies in need!


Here are some questions for reflection for you.. if you compile the answers, it would make a lovely review that I would be honored to have on my Google and Yelp pages.

  • How had your body + mind been feeling when you booked your first appointment? How do you feel overall now?
  • What was it like receiving work from me?  If you did a package, what was it like working with me in over the course of 1 month, or 6 months?? Be specific!
  • How did you feel after your most powerful session? 
  • How did my presence make you feel during your sessions?
  • Be honest about any initial skepticism or uncertainty! If you felt it, chances are others feel the same way. How did it shift throughout our time together?
  • Share your experience, but be specific-- the space of that session can be amazing but what specifically did you notice change? How did you feel when you came back into the room from wherever your mind went?

Helpful words: kneading, compressing, stretching, pulling, gentle holding, release, light, uplifting, range of motion, stillness, reiki, craniosacral therapy, thai bodywork...


You can post to GoogleYelp and Facebook!

Sending you my gratitude in advance sweet friend!


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