What is self-care worth?

There is this moment...

This golden moment when life has been so hard and heavy.

When the shit has been hitting the fan for so long that it's the new normal.

When you get the "fuck it's" and write off anything that doesn't feel good.

When doing something nice for yourself HAS to happen because you might lose your mind if you don't.

In this moment... when you finally give yourself the permission to receive something...the way the light breaks into your cracked and aching soul has a power more impactful than almost anything.

When a healer finds all of the hiding places your pain likes to linger, and thus becomes your personal cheerleader, your encourager and your sidekick to let that shit go. To release what isn't serving your life, your highest purpose, your soul. 

This right here..... this is the bread and butter of spiritual growth and a huge component of a balanced body, mind and soul. 

Let yourself be cradled, rocked, swayed and held the way your inner child has been yearning for for months, years even.

Talk out all of the shit that comes up and get it OUT of your head.

Allow yourself to be smushed so lovingly into the ground that you actually feel like you embody Mother Earth herself.


This is not a luxury. This is not a treat. This is not a "save for a special occasion" kind of thing. 


This is coming home. 

This is medicine for your heart, mind, body and spirit.


Healers are all around and coming out into the world in vast numbers to give you this opportunity, to hold this space for you. A container for unconditional love that need not be reciprocated, a safe space to cry, to process, to rest, to do deep emotional work and to receive the tender care your body needs in this moment.

What is that worth? 

I don't think a price can truly be put on it from either side -- client or a practitioner.


Can we afford NOT to have this on a regular or semi-regular basis? 

In my opinion? No. 


This is the new health care system.

Self-Care + Preventative Care steeped in the wisdom of thousands of years of medicine women, shaman, reusi, priestesses and witches. Returning to nature with herbs and sunshine, returning to the breath and to quiet. Using tools we have with us, around us, and within us because, unless things have progressed to a dire health concern, that is often all we need.

This new world we live in is hard on all of its edges and surfaces, intense in feeling and experience, and can feel like a constant struggle. The days of living in the "old ways" of go to school to get a job, go to work, pay your bills, go to the doctor when you're sick, retire at 65 and inevitiably die of cancer when you're far too young... those days are ending. 

I invite you to play. To rest. To NOT do. To experience some kind of metta (loving kindness) and healing whether it is massage, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, sound healing, craniosacral therapy, or talk therapy. Maybe its crying on the couch with a girlfriend or a partner while they rub your tired muscles. It could be curling up with a heating pad, hot water bottle or some steamed herbal compresses and crying it out during a sad movie. Whatever you're ready for in this moment, but I urge you to try being cared for by a healing arts practitioner.

I invite you to allow yourself to be held and nurtured regularly. To do the work you need to do internally so you can thrive and live in abundance in your external life. Do the work and try to love yourself so strongly that your loved ones can see how you glow and learn from you. So that your children and your children's children don't have to finish processing your trauma and your ancestral wounds that linger in your cells.

Let's cleanse the slate and start healing wherever we are. Whenever you're ready, I am here for you holding space.