Where were the wild women?



did i learn it was ok to submit

that when he says “do this” i do it 

even though it hurts my soul

why did i think it was safer to freeze 

stop moving stop speaking 

maybe he’ll leave if i don’t respond

why was it okay for him to play

be reckless with my love my body my temple 

we promised to care and to love forever

but he denied me

he didn’t want me 

who taught little girls 

to be afraid of the angry men

where were the wild women

to show us how to stand without


you tell me love is the way

that i need to let the light in

and you tell me i need to feel my feelings

to not bottle it up

some days

i cannot touch the light

and feel this darkness 

the pull downwards

leaves me too deep

to reach 

fuck the last two thousand years

where dishonoring a woman’s body

was acceptable

the wild women are waking

it’s time to change this story