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...We collaborate in our peak creative times. We are so much more in sync with identifying the best days/ times to brainstorm, design and assign tasks. It has made our overall work product better and more efficient!
— VP of Operations, Kidville

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Wellness Workshop

1-3 hour workshop customized for your team’s needs. Covers basics of self-care, ways to make the office a more supportive environment and practical tools to benefit the team on a holistic level.

Body-Care Sessions

Bring Katie in to give bodywork sessions to your team! Excellent for company anniversaries, and new years resolutions. 30 minute minimum per person.

Company Retreat

Have Katie facilitate a wellness experience at your company’s retreat. Meditation, ceremony, self-care and community building. Available for travel in the US & worldwide.


Take Care of your Team


Jennifer M.
Kidville VP of Operations


I have the privilege of leading teams in LA, Chicago and New York.  Once a year, we gather all the teams together in a central location for a team retreat and professional development summit.

In planning this year’s festivals I knew I wanted to incorporate Katie into the line-up.   We dedicated our final retreat day to Self-Care Sunday kicked off with a workshop on the fundamentals of rest and self care facilitated by Katie.

THE WORKSHOP:  Katie made everyone feel at ease with hot tea THAT SHE BLENDED and an outline that covered our time together.  We meditated as a group! Many had never before and they were well taken care of with Katie’s thoughtful approach.  Next we discussed such basics that have truly transformed our work pattern!

THE OUTCOME:  We always hydrate.  Every team member has a reusable water bottle and we take turns filling each other’s bottles up!

We take shame free potty breaks!  We can be mid brainstorm or meeting and if someone has to go - they go.

We honor each other’s rest days.  We will praise each other for taking time to rest and not email, text or work overload them during their time away.

Self-care workshop

Each month my colleague and I put on events for the women of our department. Usually we invite women from around the company to share their stories; occasionally we're able to host women from outside the company. In February we were lucky enough to be joined by Katie.

Katie taught our group about the importance of self love and self care, especially for those of us that work in an office and sit in a chair for hours at a time. Katie shared homemade tea, chocolate, and stretches we can do in the office. She led the group through a guided meditation, visualization, intention setting and affirmations. Afterwards she answered questions and offered tips on how to get started with both meditation and crystals. 

It was a unique experience for our group that I'd recommend to anyone in an office environment looking to invigorate and refresh their workday.

Mary Grace R.
Director, E-Commerce Program Management at Warner Music Group


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