Couples Connection workshop

More than your typical partner massage class, this workshop is designed to encourage communication and speaking one's truth about boundaries, likes and dislikes, as well as pleasure... what feels good. Attendees are guided through a partner meditation, energetic sensitivity exercises and simple techniques to engage with their partner in new ways that are based in Thai Massage. 

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Open communication between the partners was encouraged to emphasize individual preferences.
— CG

something different

We absolutely loved the workshop! We are familiar in massage in that I give him massages often but I never allow him to give me massages. He tries, but I have very tight muscles and he just ends up hurting more than helping. 

We were excited going into the workshop because it's something DIFFERENT! We've been dating a little over a year and we are frequently going to movies and out to eat for dates. This gave us an opportunity to have a really new interactive experience. 

The class had 2 other couples in addition to the teacher Katie and her partner. We had time initially to all relax, enjoy tea, and discuss what we were looking for in the class. Despite being very new to us, the atmosphere was very welcoming and we both felt extremely comfortable. 

The class had a nice flow in that it took time to assure everyone understood the techniques. Open communication between the partners was encouraged to emphasize individual preferences. I can't say enough how amazing it was for both myself and my boyfriend to have him properly release my body's tension. Following the class we discussed how we both felt a strong connection between us. Without sounding terribly cheesy, we definitely felt a deeper level of intimacy. I would absolutely recommend this class to friends! Whether you're sick of your partner getting out of reciprocating massage, you want to do something more intimate, or you just want to do something different!

 — Chelsea G.

deepen your bond with your partner

Before coming to this workshop, A and I had always liked to give each other massages. We definitely had a physical and energetic connection already, but didn't have much experience or knowledge on the right technique and were not the most confident in our ability to massage. The teaching format of the workshop was super helpful and seeing a demo before trying work on each other made learning much easier. Having instruction and guidance while practicing also helped tremendously. Both Austin and I nearly fell asleep while being practiced on, and were significantly more relaxed after. After leaving, we were excited to be able to practice what we learned on our own. Kaiya provided a really great experience and I would definitely recommend this workshop, not only as a great class to learn useful massage techniques and skills, but also as a great way to deepen your bond with your partner. — Alexa Y.


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Photos provided by Justin Zimmerman