Do I wear clothes?

Thai Massage + Craniosacral Therapy are fully clothed modalities. To have the best experience, you should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing like yoga pants, sweats, and a comfy tee. Please refrain from wearing jeans since they inhibit movement.


What if I'm not flexible?

My approach is gentle to encourage the body to open and heal on its own terms with my support. I do not force any movement or stretch, and listen very closely for the body's signals that it has had enough. The grandiose stretches associated with Thai Bodywork are achievable once the whole body has been opened up with regular sessions and stretching done at home by the client between sessions.


craniosacral therapy... It’s like a head massage, right?

Not quite-- While there are steps that involve holding the head, Cransiosacral Therapy is a full body technique. The techniques to release restrictions are best described as soft, comforting “holds” on certain areas of your body including your head, sacrum and other areas that may be restricted.


what happens if I fall asleep?

When our bodies can fall into a relaxed state (rest + digest) that is when deep healing occurs, this often looks like sleep but feels like you're semi-consciously dreaming. This is totally normal during a session and often happens within the first 15 minutes for most of my clients!


is thai massage sexual?

Although sex work is not completely illegal in Thailand, I am a professional licensed body therapist. I do not perform sexual massage. I work to heal sexual trauma + boundary issues with women because almost every single woman has been violated to some degree. That ends here.


are you lgbtq friendly?

Yes! My work assists women in feeling comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they identify. If you identify as female, please get in touch and if we are a good fit, I would love to work with you.


Should massage hurt?

Never! Any type of massage should be along the line of “pleasurable discomfort.” To remove knots, or adhesions, more pressure is generally necessary but you’re encouraged to communicate with your therapist if that pressure is too much.


What is emotional release?

Our bodies store emotions that our brain is not ready to deal with yet in our tissues until the brain is ready to process. When the emotions are ready to release, clients may cry, laugh, shout, and feel emotions from scenarios they have experienced previously. I am trained in dialoguing and other emotional release techniques to assist you through this process and to integrate the changes into your body.


What exactly do you do in a craniosacral session?

A full Craniosacral Therapy Session includes "listening" techniques to evaluate what state the body's craniosacral rhythm is in, and then a variety of manual techniques that includes holds, lifts, releases and unwinding. The pressure is approximately 5 grams, or the weight of a nickel. 


What happens after I leave?

You are free to do whatever you'd like after your session, but I highly encourage you to leave space open to allow the work to integrate. Most clients benefit from taking the afternoon + evening off for self care, drinking lots of water, and engaging in their self-care rituals.


Do you work with men? 

My speciality is women's health + vitality, but my client's often would like their partners to receive the work since it affects them so deeply. I will work with men on a case by case basis with a direct referral from a current client. I do not accept house call requests from men I do not know. 


can you help recent injuries?

My practice is focused on long term subtle work in the body and is not best suited for acute injury care, but please inquire-- if I cannot help you I may be able to refer you to someone else who can.


If your question hasn't been answered here, please send me an email!