PHOTOGRAPHY to share your light with the world

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How do you describe an experience with as few words as possible?


We live in a digital world with written testimonials and descriptions that invite us to trust and invest in every service we use from coffee shops, to doctors to restaurants. A picture is worth a thousand of those carefully selected words. Compelling images will make or break your online presence, but how do you find the right person to capture the heart + soul that is your small business?

The moment I was able to portray my own healing arts practice in photographs ideal potential clients started inquiring quickly and in significantly larger quantities. They could feel the energy of my work before they were immersed in the full experience. Guiding them towards a certain experience through my website, social media and communications and then delivering on that experience with my intentionally structured business structure has created a unique client-therapist relationship that has my clients signing up for months at a time and remaining loyal for years.

I am overjoyed to use my experience as a professional photographer of over 9 years to help the healing arts industry elevate in professionalism with bright and intimate photography that relays the experience of working with a healer.