Katie Yuen presents…

Lotus & Lilith

A feminine energy

reclaimation circle


Are you ready
to say NO to...

- continuously draining your time and energy in spaces and on people that don't nourish you?

- getting easily frazzled when something unexpected pops up and feeling like you cannot deal?

- repeating cycles of depression, anxiety, panic and being fine over the same subjects (money, health, work, love, etc.)?

- striving to be what you've always been taught is good, and right, and worthy especially when it means hiding parts of yourself?

and SAY
HELL YES to...

- accepting, nurturing and loving more of yourself (YES! it's possible!)

- stronger boundaries (with loved ones, with strangers, with your time)

- feeling safer in your mind and body even if you've been traumatized

- building a strong foundation for yourself even if you have a chronic condition

- connecting with others when it feels good for you and not because you feel like you have to in order to survive

- making good decisions for you because it feels good

- more pleasure, more space to breathe, more magic to weave into your already wonderful and weird life

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you are invited
to the circle.

Lotus & Lilith

is a four month online circle held to support you through a deep season of personal growth. By establishing a softer relationship with ourselves, leaning into our natural highs and lows and building a strong foundation of embodied self-care practices this circle is devoted to you getting to the next level of being seen.

online self-care meditation class how to rewild for women

I invite you to join me on the new moon this November for a four lunar cycle dive into creating more room in yourself for you.

Within this four month online coaching & community healing experience I will share with you a holistic mind-body focused approach to help you release old patterns and feel empowered to live from a deeper source of power.

I am here to hold this space for you. To witness a transformation from ashes to rising phoenix. To give you more tools to add to your growing wisdom. To validate that some days during the healing process putting on pants just isn’t going to happen.

witchy coven divine feminine circle new moon gatherings witch class

I am here to walk you through the ring of fire as you heal yourself.


When the winter is over and your time to bloom arrives, I will photograph you in the new light of spring. Welcome to stepping into your light my loves, I have been waiting patiently for you.

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Are you ready to take up more space?

would you like to trust your intuition more?

Are you ready to be seen?

women’s empowerment how to love yourself release pain natural healing psychic work online course

This container might be for you if…

  • You are a sensitive person to sights, sounds, emotions, foods, energies, people, etc.

  • You’re an extroverted introvert or feel like you’re suddenly an introverted extrovert

  • You are tired of repeating the same stories year after year 

  • You are ready to be responsible for yourself-- your emotions, your happiness and your stability

  • You love to dance and be wild and free, yet find yourself more often  sitting on the couch because you’re too exhausted to move after doing everything you had to

  • You’re not sure how you feel about yourself and the world around you because so much is changing recently

  • You’ve realized the ways that people aren’t showing up in your life are ways that you have not shown up for yourself

  • You are not opposed to having regular date nights and pleasure marathons

  • You hate wearing bras, you would choose leggings over actual pants any day of the week

  • You are ready to be more intimate with your mind and body 

  • You like witchy things like moon rituals and candles

  • You are ready to be seen


The Lotus & Lilith reclamation Circle is…


A container for self-empowerment including grounding practices, breath work, meditation, body literacy, leaning into the energetics of lunar cycles with community and experienced support. The container concludes with an intimate portrait photography session with Katie to celebrate the end of this growth portal as you bloom into the spring of 2020. 

We will be focused on feminine archetypes, cycles and connecting with the feminine energy in our bodies. Non-binary and LBTQ are welcome with open arms!

When you enter the Lotus & Lilith Reclamation Circle you will receive:

  • 4 modules of radical self-care practices

  • 4 online new moon group gatherings through the winter to center, share and set the tone for the month

  • 4 one-hour distance healing sessions including meditation, energy work, emotional clearing and grounding practices

  • 4 PDF zines with exclusive content on living cyclically, grounding techniques for any kind of situation, and embracing the divine feminine as a 21st century womxn

  • Integration support throughout the container for mind, body, heart and spirit work

  • A ceremonial portrait session in NYC or San Diego, CA  in the Spring 2020 valued at $1200 to witness your bloom

Self-care online course, self-love workshop, new york city meditation, witch meet-up

Are you ready
to connect more
deeply to all the
different parts of you,

my beautiful

Lotus & Lilith is the integration of light and shadow, the two different poles of divine femininity. It is the journey of embracing your Lotus— the perfect, beautiful, gorgeous spiritual goddess you are AND embracing your Lilith... the strong firey feminist woman inside of you that won’t take any shit but will do no harm.
— @thekatieyuen

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get when you join

embodiment release cyclical living divine feminine meditation integration support group witness





knowledge on living cyclically

21st century tools for cultivating the divine feminine

sister support throughout the winter season of death & rebirth

guided meditations

individual and group work

healing integration tools

ceremonial photos to witness this awakened part of you

plus community, connection and being held in divine sisterhood
by yours truly

Meet your Guidess


Pisces Sun ☀️Virgo Moon 🌗

Hi, I'm Katie. I've been a self-care advocate ever since I heard that term. To care for yourself first as a healer, woman, teacher or one who gives with their full heart is a necessary part of human maintenance. We were not taught the right things in our young childhood— and now is the time to reparent, self-heal and elevate ourselves to be the person what we needed when we were younger.

In 2016 I moved to NYC freshly divorced at 24 years old and already in my second career -- I was determined to build a thriving healing arts practice in Brooklyn as a therapeutic bodyworker (massage therapist, herbal medicine mama and ultimate bohemian healing goddess may have also been my goals at the time). I had just lost my future, the family and business I had spent years building. I had no network.

I was at ground zero of the darkest moon of my adult life.

With lots and lots of sweat.. like so much sweat omg, many nights crying/sleeping on the floor and hundreds of hours spent meditating on the MTA during the years of grinding my nose to the keyboard/pavement/thai mat in NYC I built a beautiful practice of gentle yet transformational bodywork therapies underneath an herb shop near the East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

I have held men and womxn through over a thousand hours of deep healing— releasing childhood abuse, sexual trauma, self-criticism, and pent-up pain from the ups and downs of life.

In my 5 years as a skilled practitioner in the healing arts industry in southern California and NYC, I’ve collected an arsenal of tools that regulate the nervous system effectively to bring you back to yourself from fear, pain, and stress. For over 10 years I have been healing myself and trying to find solutions to chronic pain, anxiety and negative self-talk in a way that connected all the parts of my being-- without using pharmaceuticals. During those 10 years I also became an established portrait photographer on both coasts while navigating a chronic illness. I am able to continue growing and expanding in my career despite my chronic illness and mental wellness challenges thanks to these holistic self-care practices.

I have been through cycles of spending every dollar I had on my healing. I have spent every moment I could when there was no time and every ounce of effort I could muster in this chronically ailing body to finding ways to find peace within myself when nothing else worked. I have spent years of my life finding the best ways to heal myself deeply and recover from life’s insanity more quickly than before.

This circle holds the tools & practices that have worked.

I am sharing the
foundational tools
that changed my life,
and the lives of my
clients in nyc,
with you in the
comfort of your own home

no subway ride

how to self-regulate. breathing. meditation. body care. Menstrual Cycle Energies. mental wellness. spiritual strength.


Your body is calling you to



what’s your answer?

witch’s call divine feminine uprising love gaia earth grounding chakras meditation

What people are saying about working with katie

self-care daily routine best ritual to start your day miracle morning change your life wellness health
Working with you has literally changed my life in such an amazing way. I was really hurting physically and emotionally and looked for someone to help me and finding you was such a gift I am so so grateful to have met you and worked with you! ❤️
— Kat L. // Brooklyn, NY

It was as if all the messages in my body were communicating at full potential and I was free of any tension and negative energy blocking. I felt at peace and knew that who I am is beautifully enough. I am so grateful for all that Katie is and that she is sharing her gift with the world!
— Malia E. // Richmond, VA

Katie Yuen Photography healing artist massage therapist healer nyc brooklyn kaiya healing arts craniosacral therapy online course
A review doesn’t even do justice to how wonderful this work is so I would just check her out for yourself if you are looking for a deeply healing experience physically, emotionally and spiritually!
— Lauren slivosky // Brooklyn, ny

Katie was able to hold space for me in every way- emotional, energetic, and physical. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Tracy M. // Brooklyn, Ny

Lotus & lilith
Reclamation Circle
is calling all
who are ready to
step up &

let me hold you through this transformational time honey. It’s what I love to do!

let me hold you through this transformational time honey. It’s what I love to do!

Learn the skills to cultivate more trust, compassion, kindness and love for you. Receive the tools necessary to replenish your energy and spiritual strength so you can love on your family, clients and communities without burning out. Receive guidance during the re-bloom process. Four lunar cycles of sisterhood support. Dedicated time for self-care through the winter. Embodiment practices. Nervous System regulation tools from a skilled somato-emotional bodyworker energy healer massage therapist citizen scientist. Printable workbooks. Guided audio practices & meditations.

Connect with other womxn doing the work. We’re building stronger boundaries. Taking less shit. Speaking up. Protecting what is precious. Asking for what we need.

Connect with other womxn doing the work. We’re building stronger boundaries. Taking less shit. Speaking up. Protecting what is precious. Asking for what we need.

Online new moon gatherings means having space and support for meditating, journaling and getting into alignment with your desires and goals from anywhere.

Online new moon gatherings means having space and support for meditating, journaling and getting into alignment with your desires and goals from anywhere.


Not sure if this is right for you?

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