What is self-care? SELF-CARE COACHING is for those not local to NYC, or to create more accountability between your bodywork sessions exclusively for my Self-Care Series clients

custom self-care action plan.

weekly video calls.

support + accountability.


personalized recommendations

The journey begins by filling out a questionnaire about your current habits, your goals, and what you'd like to focus on to be the best version of yourself. Kaiya will then compile a full self-care + wellness treatment plan to share with you during your first call. Broken down by your specific goals, this 5+ page document has personal recommendations regarding: self-care, mindfulness, healthy eating habits, cultivating intimacy with others, and creating a healthy relationship with your body.


Just like Kaiya is a blend of the East + the West, (half Chinese for the win!) her practices and coaching incorporate techniques from both worlds. Some of the most effective Eastern practices like meditation and daily habits are becoming integral parts of Western practices because of their efficiency and success for thousands of years. By combining these forces, Kaiya is determined to help you figure out what works best for YOU, your lifestyle, your daily practices, and your body.

initiative +
follow through

Each week in your 30 minute video call we’ll celebrate your accomplishments, check in on the goals you’ve set, and discuss the next  steps while keeping the larger picture in mind. Kaiya will give you all of the encouragement and cheering you need, provide resources for insight, classes, teachers or beneficial experiences that could help you, or simply provide space for you to vent your frustrations!

*Please note that this remains a professional space and should not be considered counseling or therapy.

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – but in being able to remake ourselves.
— Mahatma ghandi

Some of the things you'll have access to...

customized meditations

different nutrition + eating habits to try

journaling prompts

vitamin + supplement options

herbal remedies

community of other women on this path

shadow integration guidance

exercises + stretches for your pain points

self-massage techniques

unconditional lovingkindess

referrals to practitioners in

space to be your true self, feel whatever arises and not have to apologize for anything.

Kaiya was able to hold space for me in every way- emotional, energetic, and physical. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— TM

ready to start?


1. Fill out the self-care coaching questionnaire

2. Schedule your complimentary consultation call

3. If we're a good fit and you're accepted into the program, enjoy 6 months of having a a personal warrior by your side rooting you on for every step of coming back to YOU!