I want a Sunday kind of love
A love to last past Saturday night
And I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight
And I want a Sunday kind of love

Etta James

natural light black and white portrait of a woman feeling amazing

Hello sweet loves,

Do you feel safe in your body?
Do you love the skin you are in?
Do you enjoy the conversation that bounces around inside of your head all day?

I know I didn't. For a long time.

I haven't felt safe most of my entire life. I ran from my fears and my past, afraid of the dark corners of my mind.

I wanted to escape my body as an athletic dancer turned chronically-in-pain girl with a spinal support pillow at age 16.

I wanted to escape my mind as a strong-willed and independent girl who shoved her dreams into a box to get married right out of college and live that white picket fence life.

I had the highest standards of perfection for myself and if I couldn't do it perfectly then I didn’t feel worthy of anything. It was hell and I wanted out.

The feeling of absolute need to escape reality, running thoughts and a dysfunctional body isn’t mine alone, though.

Hating on our bodies and letting the negative self-talk spiral out of control keeps us small. The pattern of running away from ourselves, from our roots, from our past keeps us afraid.

This is what keeps us from grounding into our herstory and remembering the divine feminine connection to our mothers, our earth, and the stories we're writing during this lifetime.

We've spent far too long believing the things others have told us about our bodies, our value and our worth.

sensual portrait of a woman pink rose red lingerie

I want you to know that you are beautiful.

You are worthy of love.

Your desires are magical.

Your pain is real.

Your body is perfect.

I believe in you and I want you to believe in yourself too.

So I'd like to spend some time showering you with love and pleasure in
A Sunday Kind of Love Intimate Portrait Sessions.

Philadelphia boudoir photographer Sensual empowering photography

I invite you to say hell no to continuing carrying the old paradigm in your sacred blood and bones.

I call you to invite all aspects of yourself to come forward. Greet your darkness and your light and love her.

Witness your shadow and your pride-- and love them.

Embrace every version of yourself that has walked this planet since you were born that is held inside your eyes, your hands, the way your smile curves.

Practice being embodied and feeling pleasure in safe space.

Tell your story with this beautiful body and all of its imperfections in this crazy season of life.

Sensual portrait red lingerie tattooed girl
Empowering Women Portrait Photography NYC

This is a space to learn about boundaries, what feels good and what doesn’t. We're going to practice letting the walls down and holding space for whatever comes up. This space is dedicated to KNOWING yourself so deeply that you can begin to walk through the world connected to your power at all times...

Even if you’re chronically in pain.

Even if your fight with anxiety and depression feel overwhelming at times.

Even if you don't feel beautiful, sexy or put together.

Even if goddess is never a word you would use to describe yourself I invite you to come to this space I'm holding for you so I can worship the person who has survived all that life has thrown at her and still stands strong.

black and white portrait photography feminine lingerie boho goddess photoshoot

Because I have been there— at the bottom of the darkest hole and I found my way out by getting vulnerable and being witnessed in my rawness.

The space held in the Sunday Kind of Love Intimate Portrait Sessions is giving you permission to find a way to let life feel good despite all of the physical and emotional circumstances that keep us heavy and low. To create a visual story of THIS moment when you are choosing to let your love shine through you and around you.

This is the call to have a Sunday kind of love with the body and mind that have been with you your entire life.

Are you ready to answer?

feminine portrait red lingerie pink rose soft sexy pictures


In a gorgeous sunlit room we’re going to set the space for focusing on self-love, getting comfortable and embracing what feels good. Portrait Sessions are an hour long and include digital photography of you practicing self-love and confidence with me whispering my awe of your vulnerability and encouragement about how fucking awesome you are behind the lens. The amount of clothing is up to you— from fully covered to fully bare.

Who this is for:

Women, femmes, non-binary folx, and any body ready to dive deeper into their relationship with themselves— especially LGBTQIA and BIPOC humans! Please talk to me about discounted offerings so I can support your healing and your story with my privilege as a white passing cis woman.

What You can expect during our experience together:

  • a trauma-informed #metoo survivor guiding you to help you look and feel your best in your body however you choose to show up

  • a safe space to witness, celebrate and hold space for your fears and insecurities

  • a classically trained artist, a professional photographer of 8 years and a therapeutic bodyworker creating images of you— I know bodies, energy and how to make people feel comfortable very, very well

  • emotional grounding techniques for the things on your heart that are ready to focus some healing intention towards

  • an online gallery of 15-25 high resolution digital images capturing the essence of you

  • opportunity to process what feelings the images bring up, if any, with ya girl who is trained in somatoemotional dialogue (somato- means body!)

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beautiful woman looking at her reflection in the mirror portrait

MEET YOUR IMAGE MAKER, Space holder + sensuality witch

I am an artist, a holistic wellness practitioner and a third generation witch.*

I’ve lived and worked as a professional photographer, a trauma-informed bodyworker, a space holder, a content curator and a woman who makes things happen from the coast of southern California to the heart of Brooklyn, NYC.

My work is focused on human interaction and patterns of display, emotion and personal keepsakes. Through my art and work as a healing arts practitioner I also engage with the alchemy of energetic healing, the power of intention and the ability to self-heal.


*person standing in her power to create change in the world around her


This whole experience is customized per person. Dates, locations, packages & pricing per person will be decided by our conversation of what you’re looking for out of this experience!