I had been anticipating my Thai + Craniosacral session with Kaiya for weeks. I went into the session feeling excited for whatever healing needed to take place. Oh, did working with Kaiya exceed my expectations!! First of all, her smile and eyes radiate welcoming and sparkling energy and you immediately love being around her! Then as she starts the session you can tell she has a gift. Her touch makes you feel safe to heal and be open. She was present and thoughtful with each of her movements. There were moments when I could feel my body wanting to release and Kaiya intuitively held her touch longer, or moved in a way that encouraged release. You can feel her warm, kind, and compassionate spirit as she works. I had an emotional release, which I wasn't expecting, and Kaiya talked me through it in the most poetic, helpful way. At the end of the session I felt heavy and not sure of my next steps, like I wanted to stay in that comforting moment forever. As I stood up and began reorienting myself I felt incredibly grounded and connected from my head to my feet. It was as if all the messages in my body were communicating at full potential and I was free of any tension and negative energy blocking. I felt at peace and knew that who I am is beautifully enough. I also got some really great self adjustments in my neck and back. I am so grateful for all that Kaiya is and that she is sharing her gift with the world! —Malia E

Katie Yuen

This was my first time receiving a combo of Thai bodywork, craniosacral therapy and Reiki-- I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the room.  I arrived feeling mentally frazzled and unsure of how much I would be ready to trust this new therapist who would have access to my body in such a deep way on both physical and energetic levels.  I also was experiencing moderate back pain that had been bothering me for a while.  

While I was uncertain how much I would enjoy the experience, as soon as we got rolling, I knew that I had made an excellent choice in working with Kaiya.  First thing, she is hilarious!  Her sense of humor really helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. Through our conversation before, during and after the session, I could see that Kaiya is friendly, fun, relatable, knowledgeable and wise.  She shared some of her own experiences with me, which helped me to feel open and safe.

Kaiya knows how to keep things light but also work deeply.  Her hands were warm and her touch felt healthy, nurturing, loving and healing.  She offered a balance of gentleness, strength, firm compression, kneading, clearing my energetic channels and moments of simply holding me in stillness.  

The Thai components were simply delectable!  I felt such freedom in my legs as she picked them up and moved them around, making them feel weightless.  My body felt like putty --- in a good way.  Imagine the benefits of doing yoga postures, without having to apply any effort, and still getting magnificent stretching.  

Beyond the glorious putty moments of Thai, the craniosacral therapy, Reiki and other techniques Kaiya applied gave me a holistic experience.  I felt like she worked on parts of me that had been needing nurturing for a long time, including areas that had experienced pain in the past but that I had temporarily forgotten about.  Without even telling her about the shoulder pain that had been bothering me on and off for years, she went straight to that place, and MAN did she work those knots out!  When she worked on my feet, which had recently dealt with some painful plantar fasciitis, it felt like they were being caressed with silk.  And on the back of my head, I'm not sure what happened but I know that it felt pretty awesome!  She also offered me beautiful nuggets of wisdom and insight about myself that she intuited through my body's language.        

By the end of the session I felt so much more open, happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.  Afterward, Kaiya explained a lot of the process to me and helped me to get a better understanding of all these awesome layers of dynamic happenings within my body.  I learned so much and am so inspired to learn more about my body, energy and healing work.

When I left I felt like my feet were walking on clouds.  The next day I noticed that my back felt looser and my chronically tight quads felt relaxed.  I can't wait until my next session! —Anne T.

Katie Yuen

I came into my Thai healing session feeling a little late afternoon drowsiness and pretty wound up from job-related anxiety and too much computer work. My temples and jaw were also slightly sore from constant jaw clenching and nighttime tooth grinding. I had had a Thai healing session once before, but it had been several months, and I'd forgotten just how relaxing and rejuvenating it was.

If you've had more traditional massages before but never Thai, imagine all the pleasure of a very gentle yoga class with none of the effort of actually carrying your own body through the poses. Kaiya stretched out my limbs and muscles that I didn't even realize were tense until they weren't. For the craniosacral component, Kaiya applied soft pressure on my scalp and the area around my ears, which immediately relieved most of the tension I'd been feeling in my jaw.
All of that combined with the soft indie background music, ridiculously comfortable foam mat, and healing Reiki energy lulled me into a blissed out half-sleep, from which Kaiya gently woke me when the session was over. Before I left, she made sure I had a big glass of water and gave me a few heart-opening exercises to try at home to mitigate computer-related shoulder tension.

I left feeling lighter and more energetic, the same feeling I have when I've just had a particularly good yoga session. The real difference was the next day. I woke up earlier than usual, feeling alert and actually excited for the day, and felt none of the brain fog or restlessness that typically hits me in the afternoon. It felt like a lot of junk had been cleared from my system. Hoping to have another session ASAP! —Bethany C.

Katie Yuen

I had a delightful experience with Kaiya. I wasn't sure what Thai massage was like, and I was surprised how amazing it felt on my body and how different it is to a regular massage. Kaiya did some great stretching + Thai massage, checked in with my body's energies and craniosacral rhythms, and I was able to drop into some deeply healing bodywork. In the beginning of the session Kaiya asked me a couple of questions to learn whether I had any body discomfort, then she began to work with my body, which felt gentle, precise and very effective. I felt really comfortable throughout the session, I could feel how my body was slowly opening up and becoming more balanced. At the end of the session I was in a very relaxed state, similar to the feeling after a yoga class or meditation practice. In addition to all this, Kaiya recommended different types of teas, essential oils and supplements I should take for my specific diet and ailments; she is very knowledgeable. She also offered me a couple of digestive enzymes and a delicious aloe vera juice that is just what I needed for my digestive problems. I left feeling balanced and connected to my physical and emotional body. I strongly recommend working with Kaiya! —Lola B.

Katie Yuen

I came to Kaiya after a very challenging week, I had experienced the loss of a close friend and mentor. I felt tired and drained emotionally. Kaiya was able to create a comforting environment and helped to work through some of the physical manifestations of recent stress/grief. I was able to spoon pillows in a warm, cozy place and Kaiya moved my body in comforting ways. There was one moment when she held down a part of my shoulder with her fingers and I was able to literally feel the release, almost like that moment when you fall asleep. It was amazing. I loved how she combines the sorts of things I would consider a "traditional massage" with some of the Thai elements that feel more like yoga. I also really appreciated being able to talk about my body afterwards and how to keep working on myself afterwards. I left feeling calmer and without as much weight in my chest and back when I left!  —Zoe H.

Katie Yuen

My first session with Kaiya was my first massage session ever. I'm talking like, no pedicures, no physical therapy, no couples massages, nothing. I think she could tell I was a newbie and she was quick to make me feel at ease. Very conversational, casual, and overall just very soothing. She summed up the experience pretty well when she described it as "lazy man's yoga." I've done a bit of yoga, and I feel like calling it "lazy yoga" instantly helped me understand what to expect, when I should be breathing in, and when I should be breathing out. The only difference was she was the one manipulating my muscles, not me. I laid on a big warm matt while she pushed and pulled my body into positions. It was a new and relieving feeling, having someone else's energy dictate my body. I wish she was more vocal with when I should have been inhaling and exhaling, I think it would have set a steadier tempo between us.

But overall Kaiya was amazing; it felt like she was in conversation with my body in a language I don't know how to speak. I know my back hurts, but I don't know why a certain part hurts or what that means. It felt like Kaiya was listening to what my muscles were telling her, where they had been and what they needed, and then responding with an appropriate touch. I am still in awe at how her hands could find pockets of tension that I didn't know existed.

After my session ended she gave me a vitamin b drink and we talked a bit about what my body told her (where I held stress, what craniosacral means for me, etc). I think talking to her after was what convinced me to book another session. She spent 90 minutes massaging and using her hands to talk to my body, and then was excited to talk with me about my body. Who knew you can get back tension from creating a hunched over shield around your heart? Talking with her about something she is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about (that helps MY body!) made me trust her practice and her energy. I left feeling fine, a little more relaxed, but the real effects appeared throughout the week. Everything was just more comfortable. I slept a bit deeper. My desk chair felt a little cozier. I even had less caffeine headaches. Beautiful experience, ready to see her again and again. —Jessica K.


Katie Yuen

I didn't know what to expect from my healing with Kaiya, and I think that made the session even better. Her work is a blend of Thai Massage (physical bodywork I'd never experienced before) and Craniosacral Therapy (a more gentle "inner body" work that focuses on your own energy, & that I'd done once before). She was so open & kind in our correspondence before we met, that when we finally did meet it was as if we already knew each other. That kind of synchronicity continued throughout her practice, where it felt like we were communicating without even talking while we she worked on me. Her massage work was firm at times where I was physically tight, but gentle where I needed a bit more "inner work." I had started my day a little apprehensive, unaware of what would take place, and I left the appointment feeling like a dam had been opened in my body. She warned me that the day could become very emotional for me after I left, and she was completely right. I had a few plans that day that I ultimately cancelled because it became that I needed to sit with myself for a bit longer. Self care is so important in this current climate, especially as New Yorkers, and I am very grateful to now have Kaiya as a guide. Thank You Kaiya, you'll be seeing me again. Xx —Faye R.

Katie Yuen

Kaiya is the first to turn me on to Thai massage and I'm so glad she did. I find I actually prefer this to typical Swedish deep tissue massage. I find this a much gentler and more blissful way to access a release of muscular and energetic tension. I've gone to Kaiya a few times and she only gets better every time. She has a great intuition for this work in following your breath and listening to how your body responds to the kneading, stretching, etc. and her presence is calming and made me feel very safe and supported. After the session I was totally blissed out, skin buzzing. I went home and drank a bunch of water and had a nice hearty meal and the next day I woke up feeling more clear headed, grounded, and energized. I hadn't even realized that I had had some blockage in my breathing as well, but the next day when I went to yoga I found my breath much fuller and easier to access. So if you're looking to work on caring for/healing something specific, Kaiya is a great person to go to. She can also provide a great experience if you're looking to set out on a general path of wellness and getting more in tune with your body. —Destiny D.

Katie Yuen

I was completely new to both Thai Massage and Craniosacral Therapy when I had my first session with Kaiya. She was very understanding and respectful of my special requirements, which helped me feel comfortable going into the session. Compared to Swedish / deep tissue massages, Kaiya's technique not only worked physical body, but also my energetic body.

Kaiya seamlessly weaved Thai Massage and Craniosacral therapy together in a way that addressed my physical pain as well as imbalances in my chakra system. I could tell by the way that Kaiya worked on the left and right side of my body that she takes an intuitive approach rather than a prescribed method. She gave me what my body needed because she could feel it.

During the session I felt like our bodies were working together toward a common goal - for me to address my intention and experience deep healing. After the session I felt calm and relaxed and the pain in my right shoulder subsided. In the days following my session, I felt more energetically and emotionally open. Because of my experience with Kaiya, the next time I get bodywork done, I would prefer her technique over the kind of Swedish or deep tissue massages I have experienced in the past! —Lindsay

Katie Yuen