I was completely new to both Thai Massage and Craniosacral Therapy when I had my first session with Kaiya. She was very understanding and respectful of my special requirements, which helped me feel comfortable going into the session. Compared to Swedish / deep tissue massages, Kaiya's technique not only worked physical body, but also my energetic body.

Kaiya seamlessly weaved Thai Massage and Craniosacral therapy together in a way that addressed my physical pain as well as imbalances in my chakra system. I could tell by the way that Kaiya worked on the left and right side of my body that she takes an intuitive approach rather than a prescribed method. She gave me what my body needed because she could feel it.

During the session I felt like our bodies were working together toward a common goal - for me to address my intention and experience deep healing. After the session I felt calm and relaxed and the pain in my right shoulder subsided. In the days following my session, I felt more energetically and emotionally open. Because of my experience with Kaiya, the next time I get bodywork done, I would prefer her technique over the kind of Swedish or deep tissue massages I have experienced in the past! —Lindsay

Kaiya Yuen