Kaiya is the first to turn me on to Thai massage and I'm so glad she did. I find I actually prefer this to typical Swedish deep tissue massage. I find this a much gentler and more blissful way to access a release of muscular and energetic tension. I've gone to Kaiya a few times and she only gets better every time. She has a great intuition for this work in following your breath and listening to how your body responds to the kneading, stretching, etc. and her presence is calming and made me feel very safe and supported. After the session I was totally blissed out, skin buzzing. I went home and drank a bunch of water and had a nice hearty meal and the next day I woke up feeling more clear headed, grounded, and energized. I hadn't even realized that I had had some blockage in my breathing as well, but the next day when I went to yoga I found my breath much fuller and easier to access. So if you're looking to work on caring for/healing something specific, Kaiya is a great person to go to. She can also provide a great experience if you're looking to set out on a general path of wellness and getting more in tune with your body. —Destiny D.

Kaiya Yuen