I didn't know what to expect from my healing with Kaiya, and I think that made the session even better. Her work is a blend of Thai Massage (physical bodywork I'd never experienced before) and Craniosacral Therapy (a more gentle "inner body" work that focuses on your own energy, & that I'd done once before). She was so open & kind in our correspondence before we met, that when we finally did meet it was as if we already knew each other. That kind of synchronicity continued throughout her practice, where it felt like we were communicating without even talking while we she worked on me. Her massage work was firm at times where I was physically tight, but gentle where I needed a bit more "inner work." I had started my day a little apprehensive, unaware of what would take place, and I left the appointment feeling like a dam had been opened in my body. She warned me that the day could become very emotional for me after I left, and she was completely right. I had a few plans that day that I ultimately cancelled because it became that I needed to sit with myself for a bit longer. Self care is so important in this current climate, especially as New Yorkers, and I am very grateful to now have Kaiya as a guide. Thank You Kaiya, you'll be seeing me again. Xx —Faye R.

Kaiya Yuen