My first session with Kaiya was my first massage session ever. I'm talking like, no pedicures, no physical therapy, no couples massages, nothing. I think she could tell I was a newbie and she was quick to make me feel at ease. Very conversational, casual, and overall just very soothing. She summed up the experience pretty well when she described it as "lazy man's yoga." I've done a bit of yoga, and I feel like calling it "lazy yoga" instantly helped me understand what to expect, when I should be breathing in, and when I should be breathing out. The only difference was she was the one manipulating my muscles, not me. I laid on a big warm matt while she pushed and pulled my body into positions. It was a new and relieving feeling, having someone else's energy dictate my body. I wish she was more vocal with when I should have been inhaling and exhaling, I think it would have set a steadier tempo between us.

But overall Kaiya was amazing; it felt like she was in conversation with my body in a language I don't know how to speak. I know my back hurts, but I don't know why a certain part hurts or what that means. It felt like Kaiya was listening to what my muscles were telling her, where they had been and what they needed, and then responding with an appropriate touch. I am still in awe at how her hands could find pockets of tension that I didn't know existed.

After my session ended she gave me a vitamin b drink and we talked a bit about what my body told her (where I held stress, what craniosacral means for me, etc). I think talking to her after was what convinced me to book another session. She spent 90 minutes massaging and using her hands to talk to my body, and then was excited to talk with me about my body. Who knew you can get back tension from creating a hunched over shield around your heart? Talking with her about something she is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about (that helps MY body!) made me trust her practice and her energy. I left feeling fine, a little more relaxed, but the real effects appeared throughout the week. Everything was just more comfortable. I slept a bit deeper. My desk chair felt a little cozier. I even had less caffeine headaches. Beautiful experience, ready to see her again and again. —Jessica K.


Kaiya Yuen