I came to Kaiya after a very challenging week, I had experienced the loss of a close friend and mentor. I felt tired and drained emotionally. Kaiya was able to create a comforting environment and helped to work through some of the physical manifestations of recent stress/grief. I was able to spoon pillows in a warm, cozy place and Kaiya moved my body in comforting ways. There was one moment when she held down a part of my shoulder with her fingers and I was able to literally feel the release, almost like that moment when you fall asleep. It was amazing. I loved how she combines the sorts of things I would consider a "traditional massage" with some of the Thai elements that feel more like yoga. I also really appreciated being able to talk about my body afterwards and how to keep working on myself afterwards. I left feeling calmer and without as much weight in my chest and back when I left!  —Zoe H.

Kaiya Yuen