I had a delightful experience with Kaiya. I wasn't sure what Thai massage was like, and I was surprised how amazing it felt on my body and how different it is to a regular massage. Kaiya did some great stretching + Thai massage, checked in with my body's energies and craniosacral rhythms, and I was able to drop into some deeply healing bodywork. In the beginning of the session Kaiya asked me a couple of questions to learn whether I had any body discomfort, then she began to work with my body, which felt gentle, precise and very effective. I felt really comfortable throughout the session, I could feel how my body was slowly opening up and becoming more balanced. At the end of the session I was in a very relaxed state, similar to the feeling after a yoga class or meditation practice. In addition to all this, Kaiya recommended different types of teas, essential oils and supplements I should take for my specific diet and ailments; she is very knowledgeable. She also offered me a couple of digestive enzymes and a delicious aloe vera juice that is just what I needed for my digestive problems. I left feeling balanced and connected to my physical and emotional body. I strongly recommend working with Kaiya! —Lola B.

Kaiya Yuen