I came into my Thai healing session feeling a little late afternoon drowsiness and pretty wound up from job-related anxiety and too much computer work. My temples and jaw were also slightly sore from constant jaw clenching and nighttime tooth grinding. I had had a Thai healing session once before, but it had been several months, and I'd forgotten just how relaxing and rejuvenating it was.

If you've had more traditional massages before but never Thai, imagine all the pleasure of a very gentle yoga class with none of the effort of actually carrying your own body through the poses. Kaiya stretched out my limbs and muscles that I didn't even realize were tense until they weren't. For the craniosacral component, Kaiya applied soft pressure on my scalp and the area around my ears, which immediately relieved most of the tension I'd been feeling in my jaw.
All of that combined with the soft indie background music, ridiculously comfortable foam mat, and healing Reiki energy lulled me into a blissed out half-sleep, from which Kaiya gently woke me when the session was over. Before I left, she made sure I had a big glass of water and gave me a few heart-opening exercises to try at home to mitigate computer-related shoulder tension.

I left feeling lighter and more energetic, the same feeling I have when I've just had a particularly good yoga session. The real difference was the next day. I woke up earlier than usual, feeling alert and actually excited for the day, and felt none of the brain fog or restlessness that typically hits me in the afternoon. It felt like a lot of junk had been cleared from my system. Hoping to have another session ASAP! —Bethany C.

Kaiya Yuen