I had been anticipating my Thai + Craniosacral session with Kaiya for weeks. I went into the session feeling excited for whatever healing needed to take place. Oh, did working with Kaiya exceed my expectations!! First of all, her smile and eyes radiate welcoming and sparkling energy and you immediately love being around her! Then as she starts the session you can tell she has a gift. Her touch makes you feel safe to heal and be open. She was present and thoughtful with each of her movements. There were moments when I could feel my body wanting to release and Kaiya intuitively held her touch longer, or moved in a way that encouraged release. You can feel her warm, kind, and compassionate spirit as she works. I had an emotional release, which I wasn't expecting, and Kaiya talked me through it in the most poetic, helpful way. At the end of the session I felt heavy and not sure of my next steps, like I wanted to stay in that comforting moment forever. As I stood up and began reorienting myself I felt incredibly grounded and connected from my head to my feet. It was as if all the messages in my body were communicating at full potential and I was free of any tension and negative energy blocking. I felt at peace and knew that who I am is beautifully enough. I also got some really great self adjustments in my neck and back. I am so grateful for all that Kaiya is and that she is sharing her gift with the world! —Malia E

Kaiya Yuen