workshops with kaiya

Kaiya hosts workshops + educational events in her home studio in Brooklyn and is available to teach in your space, yoga studio, or retreat. If you are interested in something not listed here, send us a message to collaborate on something new!


couples connection workshop

This two to three-hour workshop is comprised of energetic + physical exercises to open up the connection between two partners. Through meditation and simple massage techniques, participants will learn different ways they can cultivate intimacy and connection with their partners. Emphasis is placed on open communication between partners to create an open and safe place to share likes and dislikes. No previous experience in massage is necessary.


new moon gatherings with Lindsay Yeager

Kaiya + Lindsay host a monthly New Moon Gathering to hold space for a community of women to embrace their own healing journeys, care for themselves, and form relationships with other women. We aim to create a safe space in which all beliefs are respected and unconditional compassion is cultivated. Our circle remains free of judgement in order to allow space for vulnerability and expressing our truth. Lindsay and Kaiya are honored to hold this healing space for women to connect with their true selves as moon magick often digs deeply into our psyche. Typical moon gatherings will include the creation of a community altar, mindful movement, independent journaling, rituals associated with the current astrological theme, and time to share self-reflections with the group. 


Mingle + Meditate

A customizable workshop or event which can include guided meditations, body work, and connection. Kaiya guides attendees through several of her most highly recommended meditations with reflection and discussion on how to integrate these practices into your daily life. 


pop-up healing sessions

Based in NYC, Kaiya is within a day's travel of much of the eastern seaboard, and has a soft place in her heart for the west coast. Pop-Healing Sessions are the solution to accessing work with Kaiya at deeply discounted rate from her travel pricing. All you need is a minimum of 4 sessions booked (you + family, friends, neighbors, staff, etc.) to have Kaiya come to you! This is perfect for retreats, bachelorette parties, grand openings, workshop weekends and so many more possibilities.